About Us

Located in Boston, MA. ByteLight is a software company exploring uncharted territory in indoor location.

Who We Are

ByteLight provides the world’s most elegant solution to indoor location. By leveraging existing infrastructure, ByteLight’s software provides a low-cost way for pushing hyper-targeted digital content to shoppers and associates within a retail store. With sub-meter accuracy and sub-second latency – ByteLight redefines mobile marketing and workflow management.

ByteLight’s innovative indoor positioning platform supports a wide range of applications. Our current product offerings include Mobile Coupons, Planogram Compliance, and Mobile Work Orders. These services use our indoor positioning software to provide personalized content based on a user’s exact location with 1 meter accuracy. The software is delivered via a SaaS platform and broad set of mobile APIs. And if our current product offerings aren’t enough – we provide native SDKs for creating your own custom apps.

Give shoppers the same wealth of information available online while they are in-store. Push a “buy one get one free” coupon for shampoo to a customer in the soap aisle. Deliver detailed planogram instructions and a checklist for an employee stocking a shelf. ByteLight’s software, integrated into a retailer’s app, drives revenue, customer loyalty, and employee efficiency.

Our core focus is on the retail industry; however, we are also working with industrial, commercial, and healthcare customers.

How it Works

ByteLight’s sub-meter accuracy and sub-second latency set us apart from other technologies because we are able to pinpoint the user down to a 3 foot section of a store shelf in under a second. Unlike other solutions that require additional infrastructure like WiFi hotspots or Bluetooth beacons, our software works with existing infrastructure - lighting. We don’t make the lights – but we provide lighting companies with the software to integrate ByteLight into their products. Our mobile APIs can be integrated into any app and works with any mobile device.

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