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9 Keys to Launching a Successful Beacon Program

StreetFight Magazine

While some BLE beacon providers are saying their batteries could last as long as two years, the reality is one year may be the max lifetime and some providers are selling beacons that only last three months. Imagine being a big-box store like Walmart who needs to replace 153,000 beacon batteries annually, or maybe even quarterly? You’re talking about new installation and maintenance teams, platform and network managers.... read more


How are Brick-and-Mortar Stores Using Mobile Devices

Technology Review

Boston-based ByteLight is working with General Electric to augment beacon technology with another, more precise means of delivering information to phones. In this case, LED light fixtures overhead in stores send out both Bluetooth signals and patterns of light that are invisible to human eyes.... read more


The Location-Light Revolution


ByteLight provides a fully integrated proximity network over their entire store footprint. This means that every consumer action within stores that use ByteLight can be measured 24/7. This data can be analyzed within a single store, or by a group of stores.... read more


GE Lighting sees opportunities to shine

Crain's Cleveland Business

GE Lighting — which will still be led by its current CEO, Maryrose Sylvester — is certainly going in some futuristic directions. Soon, for instance, it aims to use light to send signals to smart phones. The technology, developed by a Boston-based startup called ByteLight, could “fundamentally change the way people shop” Duffy said. GE Lighting set up a fake retail store at a trade show in June to give retailers a sense of how the system works: The ByteLight software gives light fixtures that use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) the ability to flicker so fast that the human eye doesn't notice. But the light sensors built into today's smart phones can pick up the flashes and interpret the patterns as if it were reading high-speed Morse code. ... read more


Boston builds a better bulb

Boston Business Journal

Another lighting startup with venture funding, three-year-old Boston-based ByteLight, is working on new ways to use lights. Backed by $4.25 million in venture funding, the startup’s tech allows large-scale global retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target to stream indoor position data to smartphones, delivering mobile coupons and offers to customers when they’re directly in front of a product or at the checkout line.... read more


Boston University students opting for internships at startups rather than corporations

Daily Free Press

Dhir began working with startups at BU during his freshman year when ByteLight, an LED-based indoor positioning technology company founded by BU alumni, caught his attention. As a ByteLight intern, Dhir found himself performing a wide variety of tasks. He played a part in fundraising, creating marketing materials, dealing with patent-related issues and sitting in on meetings about funding or product development.... read more


Why Apple's iBeacon Hasn't Taken Off—Yet


GE Lighting (GE) has formed a partnership with startup ByteLight to develop lightbulbs that can also help track shoppers via iBeacon, which would eliminate the need for retailers to buy separate hardware.... read more


Who Will Win at Indoor Location?

GPS World

Some companies are offering technologies outside of the mainstream. ByteLight provides a solution based on LED lights mounted in the ceiling that generate fast pulses that can’t be seen by people. A smartphone can detect the pulses and triangulate position by identifying different lights by pulse pattern.... read more


Conference Notebook: Navigating a Future For Indoor Mapping

Street Fight

Wagemans says that magnetic mapping far exceeds the accuracy of beacon and wifi-driven technologies, and is substantially more cost effective than light-based systems developed by companies like the Boston-based ByteLight.... read more


Google's Don Dodge: "I Have Invested in 5 Indoor Location Companies"

GPS Business Review

In his talk he spoke about indoor location technology, a field where he invested in nothing less than 5 start-up companies, including ByteLight, Aisle411 and Trusted Positioning.... read more


6 Innovative Ways to Implement Beacons for Marketing

Street Fight

ByteLight was able to simplify the in-store check-in process. Using beacons, Yummie House was able to automatically remind customers to push a button on their mobile devices to check-in when they entered the store or when they were standing at the checkout.... read more


Firms Vying for LED Market

English China News Service

Another international lighting giant GE Lighting said it is working with visual light communications startup ByteLight to create networked light fixtures that can communicate with smartphones using light and Bluetooth.... read more


How GE created smart lights by integrating beacons into LEDs


Imagine you're at the grocery. You're in the toothbrush aisle, looking for a new toothpaste to brighten those pearly whites. About halfway down the aisle, as you're still deciding between brands, you receive a push notification on your phone -- a coupon for Colgate, which just so happens to be right in front of you. Little did you know, the General Electric LED lights above your head are programmed with tiny beacons, made by ByteLight, which are low-energy bluetooth locators that detect where exactly you were in the aisle and are programmed to send you a message when you were close enough to a certain product. And unlike other versions of beacons, these are compatible with almost any smart device.... read more


GE enters smart-shopper market

Lighting Magazine

GE Lighting has launched a navigation system that enables retailers to communicate with customers through their smartphones using LED lighting. This smart-shopping system from GE Lighting and US startup ByteLight allows retailers to send offers, directions to particular products and information services to their customers through LED lighting in and around the store.... read more


GE Brings ByteLight-enabled Smart LED Lights to Stores

IEEE Spectrum

Controlling LED light bulbs in your home with a smart phone certainly makes for a cool demo. But lighting companies think they have a more compelling commercial application for smart lighting: retail. General Electric and startup company ByteLight will demonstrate a network-connected lighting system for stores at the LightFair industry conference in Las Vegas. The idea is to offer repeat customers personalized offers, perhaps based on their shopping history, as well as maps to find items in stores.... read more


GE lets retailers send offers to shoppers via LED lighting

NFC World

GE Lighting and US startup ByteLight have unveiled a marketing platform that lets merchants use LED lighting installed in and around their stores to send offers, directions to particular products and information services to shoppers, based on their precise location within a retail store.... read more


GE Lighting and ByteLight Team on In-Store Location

Electrical Marketing

LED fixtures combined with networked sensors present some of the most intriguing and unpredictable paths for future technology development in the lighting industry. The appearance of a new partnership between lighting giant GE Lighting and a Boston-based startup company exploring systems to connect lighting and mobile devices, ByteLight, suggests more real-world applications of this kind of technology will soon be out in the wild so everyone can start to see what it can and can’t do. ... read more


GE integrates iBeacons in new LED lighting fixtures rolling out in Walmart & other retailers


Up until now most retailers have been deploying Apple’s iBeacon technology by purchasing small standalone Bluetooth beacons or using iPad terminals that act as beacons. Now, GE is introducing its next-generation LED light fixture that packs in a combo Bluetooth LE/Visual Light Communication chip for iBeacon functionality allowing retailers to cut costs and avoid purchasing standalone beacons.... read more


GE’s bright idea: ByteLight brings iBeacon tech to lighting


GE is set to debut an LED lighting system named ByteLight, which doubles as a beacon. The system works like any other beacon system, locating shoppers and offering up timely info on the back of an awareness of their proximity to the beacon. ... read more


It's all in the lights: ByteLight lands deal with GE Lighting to facilitate the next big marketing tactic

Boston Business Journal

Boston-based ByteLight recently inked a deal with GE Lighting that will integrate the startup's indoor-positioning, GPS-like technology into future productions of a GE Lighting system called GE’s Lumination LED Luminaire - IS Series.... read more


GE Lighting and ByteLight Enable Retailers to Engage In-Store Connected Shoppers with Location-Based Services using Next-Gen LED Fixtures

Press Release

Companies to Showcase First Indoor Location Solution to Communicate with Shoppers’ Smart Devices Using Both Visible Light Communication and Bluetooth Low Energy... read more


GE turns its LED fixtures into locating beacons with the help of ByteLight


GE has partnered with visual light communications startup ByteLight to turn its lighting products into location-broadcasting network using both Bluetooth and visible light. They’ll be showing off their work at Lightfair next week.... read more


ByteLight Teams up with GE on New Location-Sensing Lights


ByteLight, founded three years ago, is teaming up with General Electric on a location-tracking light project. Others in the lighting industry are getting serious about the idea, too.... read more


ByteLight Partners with GE to Create LED Lights with Beacon-Like Capabilities


Boston-based retail indoor location company ByteLight announced on Thursday that it has inked a partnership with General Electric to usher in the wave of next-generation light fixtures.... read more


GE's new lights can send deals to shoppers' smartphones

The Verge

There's one key difference between GE and Philips' lights, however. Both lighting systems are capable of communicating with phones through their cameras, sending data across flickers of light that are imperceptible to humans, but GE's can also use Bluetooth LE, a far more common solution.... read more


Are Retailers Ready for Location-based IT Spending?

Infotech Lead

Other companies are betting on new approaches. ByteLight uses for example the cameras in handsets to detect signals from modified LED light sources, while IndoorAtlas relies on the compass sensor to detect ambient magnetic field anomalies inside buildings.... read more


BU Juniors Join local Student-run Venture Company

The Daily Free Press

Mellen has developed three mobile applications currently available on the Apple App Store, and Dhir has been working with ByteLight, a startup initially launched by BU students, since his freshman year.... read more


Podcast: ByteLight's CEO Sits Down with Blue Hill Research to Discuss the Future of Indoor GPS and Visible Light Communication

Blue Hill Research

ByteLight co-founder and CEO Dan Ryan recently sat down with James Haight of Blue Hill Research for their Business Tech Roundup podcast.... read more


The Top Marketing Companies Accelerating Tech Trends

iMedia Connection

ByteLight finds objects consumers have been window shopping for online. It transforms existing LED lights into location waypoints. These waypoints beam a signal to any smartphone with a camera.... read more


6 Strategies for Measuring the Impact of In-Store Messaging

StreetFight Magazine

A big box retailer could have one store running a mobile offer and one not running the mobile offer to measure if it’s providing sales lift. Alternatively, both stores could be running offers — say, for a specific cereal — but with a different discount or different brand messages to gauge what performs better.” - Dan Ryan, ByteLight.... read more


One Degree of Customer Separation: Indoor Location the Missing Link?

Retail Gazette

Companies such as ByteLight are looking at alternative wavelengths, using light to locate and message shoppers. Utilising existing light fittings, LED lights can be installed with a chip in them that modulates light pulses and sends data by flickering very fast – faster than the human eye can detect. ... read more


Directions Magazine Sits Down with ByteLight CEO Dan Ryan

Directions Magazine

Executive Editor Wes Stroh interviewed Dan Ryan, CEO of ByteLight, about light field communication, or Li-Fi, for indoor positioning as determined by LED light fixtures.... read more


Retailers Test ByteLight's Light-Based Indoor Positioning Technology

RFID Journal

ByteLight's system modulates the light emitted by an LED fixture, and includes an app that enables a mobile phone to determine its location based on the light signals received by its camera.... read more


Philips and ByteLight Use LEDs for In-Store LBS

GPS Business News

Philips is not the first company to use LED for Indoor location. Boston-based start-up ByteLight has been using this type of technology since 2011. ByteLight has closed a $3 million Series A round of funding in October 2013.... read more


Phillips Takes Step into Lighting Navigation

Lighting Magazine

In January last year, Lighting reported on the potential for app-based lighting technologies in a feature which looked at Philips’ Hue retrofit LED lamp and another in-store lighting navigation system from US start-up ByteLight.... read more


Philips Creates Shopping Assistant with LEDs and Smart Phone

IEEE Spectrum

Startup ByteLight has developed a system similar to Philips’ retail lighting network. It also uses light pulses to communicate with consumers’ smart phones in stores. ... read more


Retailers are combining indoor location tech to get an edge on Apple and iBeacon

Indoor location technology is a field that is about to explode. There are numerous solutions, like the LED-based ByteLight.... read more


Philips’ New Intelligent Store Lighting Can Track Shoppers


While Philips is a heavyweight in lighting technologies, it’s not the only one trying to use lighting as a means of communication. Boston startup ByteLight is selling light-based proximity beacons that link to a phone through its camera, but it’s eventually goal is turn a room’s lighting fixtures into a datacasting system.... read more



Fast Company

ByteLight: For mapping the interior world. ByteLight's positioning software reveals obvious, but previously unmapped, territory: the great indoors. By adding a microchip to LED lightbulbs, the Boston-based startup turns a building's existing lighting infrastructure into a tracking system that pinpoints the location of smartphone users.... read more


ByteLight Named One of the "World's 10 Most Innovative Companies in Local," by Fast Company

Press Release

ByteLight, the location-based marketing solution for big retail, announced today that it has been named one of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Local by Fast Company magazine. The March Most Innovative Companies issue—which also honors established pioneers Google, Amazon, Airbnb and Nike as well as newcomers GoPro, GoldieBlox, and FitBit—will hit newsstands February 17.... read more


Big-company Innovation

Chicago Tribune

Motorola Solutions is driving innovation by investing in innovative companies like ByteLight. ... read more


LED Industry Promising 2014 Seven "Prophecy" (Chinese)

Currently Bytelight is the only one to master the core technology of LED indoor positioning company, which developed a location-based services based on LED lighting, making the program can calculate the current position in a second time, the accuracy can be achieved within one meter.... read more


New Field: Visible Lighting (Chinese)

3S News

By controlling the chip, binary data is encoded into a light signal in open support ByteLight consumer applications. The cell phone camera will detect these signals, via mobile phone application calculates the user's current location, users can navigate wayfinding or push advertising for businesses.... read more


6 Big Tech Debuts to Watch in 2014

Inc Magazine

Companies like ByteLight are leading the charge on this one. The technology, which is already in a prototype stage, transmits a specific frequency from the lights in a store to a shopper's smartphone app, which works like an indoor GPS system.... read more


When The Store Talks - You Should Listen (The Future of Retail)


In a pilot across 50 retail stores in China, ByteLight’s technology increased in-store shopper engagement by 30%. The company’s CEO, Dan Ryan, told PSFK that he hopes to offer a direct competition to mobile shoppers looking elsewhere by connecting with shoppers that already have their phones out.... read more


Boston's Entrepreneurs Want Walsh to Keep Office Space Affordable

ByteLight chief executive Dan Ryan is moving his business from the Financial District across the water to the Innovation District next year because he wants to work in what Walsh’s predecessor, Tom Menino, worked hard to make an attractive environment for promising businesses. But he said he’s already concerned about rising rents there.... read more


Google, Qualcomm and Motorola battle ByteLight and Emerging Startups in Indoor Location, says ABI


When we look at the emerging start-ups, NextNav, Movea, ByteLight and Insiteo occupy similar positions as acquired companies such as WifiSLAM and Meridian did last year.... read more


Bytelight uses LED lights to pinpoint your exact indoor location


Bytelight has raised $3 million for its indoor positioning system that connects LED lights with the cameras in your mobile device. Retailers can pinpoint your exact location in a store and deliver coupons or redemptions to your phone at “critical points in the buying cycle,” like when you are in front of a product or at the checkout.... read more


Boston’s ByteLight raises $3M Series A as it promises to let retailers find you anywhere


All you need to know is that if you’re in a participating store and using its app, ByteLight knows where you are and how to find that pair of shoes you saw for sale online. It can also let retailers send you mobile coupons based on precisely where you’re standing, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device. And, as of today, it now has a further $3 million in funding to help further its mission of turning you into a mappable shopping dot.... read more


ByteLight Secures $3 Million in Series A Funding

Press Release

ByteLight, the retail indoor location company, today announced that it has closed a $3 million Series A round of funding from institutional and individual investors.... read more


Welcoming Art Lovers With Disabilities

New York Times

Indoor navigational services are coming to museums, Mr. Goldberg said, that are ideal for people with visual impairments. For example, ByteLight software translates location signals from modified LED lights to smartphone apps to help visitors interpret exhibits or navigate within the museum. ... read more


VC Deals: ByteLight


ByteLight, a Boston-based retail indoor location startup, has raised $3 million in Series A funding. Backers include Flywheel Ventures, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, the eCoast Angel Network, Sand Hill Angels and Don Dodge. ... read more


“Indoor GPS” Technologies Emerge as Retailers’ Interest in Tracking Soars


ByteLight offers software that modulates LED lights, turning them into information beacons. It licenses the software to LED manufactures and sells a software platform that can be integrated into any mobile app to provide real-time location data accurate to within a meter.... read more


Li-Fi Eyed as Complement to Wi-Fi, Cellular


In addition to pureVLC, other Li-Fi players include U.S. companies ByteLight and VX System as well as Japanese companies Nakagawa Laboratories and Outstanding Technology. The Financial Times noted that Casio has created Li-Fi applications enabling data exchanges between smartphones, while French company Oledcomm has demonstrated street lights equipped with Li-Fi.... read more


How the LA Dodgers Turned a Parking Lot into Boston’s Hottest Tech Center


Runkeeper, ByteLight, and Brand Networks call this area home, and PayPal gives free space to some startups in its nearby offices. Further south, in the area that borders Chinatown and Downtown Crossing, you can find textbooks startup Boundless, hardware accelerator Bolt, and digital shop One Mighty Roar.... read more


Light Field Communications (LFC)?

The Barcode News

ByteLight, a company revolutionizing indoor location, recently launched a first of its kind Light Field Communication (LFC) reader using lighting-based software. LFC is a new, alternative standard to radio-based Near Field Communication (NFC).... read more


Can ByteLight Make The Retail Space Personal (Again)?


Not everything is as it appears to the naked eye: so it goes with rabbits and the hats they seem to emerge from, and one company’s technology has the potential to be equally magical. ByteLight, a Boston startup, is advocating the use of light-field communications as an alternative to near-field communications with their LFC reader.... read more


Appconomy Partners with ByteLight


Appconomy announced Wednesday a partnership with Boston startup ByteLight. The Austin-based firm provides mobile marketing and e-commerce platforms for Chinese retailers, including its “smart shopping app,” which is used by shoppers to upload shopping lists and create store maps to make finding items easier. ... read more


ByteLight Pilots LFC-based Checkout with Chinese Retailers


Boston-based start-up ByteLight is preparing to pilot a light field communications (LFC) reader in Chinese stores, enabling shoppers to use their mobile phones to access targeted loyalty rewards.... read more


ByteLight says light field communication standard provides NFC alternative

Mobile Payments Today

ByteLight, a Boston startup that provides lighting-based software, has launched a new reader. The Light Field Communication reader, which the company calls the first of its kind, is meant to provide an alternative to radio-based Near Field Communication software, providing retailers with another way to verify a customer's presence during tap-and-go check-ins and checkouts with any smartphone, according to a news release.... read more


Customer Tracking in Retail Doesn't Have to be Creepy

Retail Customer Experience

That's right—one of the latest methods for tracking customers involves the LED lights in the store, and ByteLight is one early pioneer. Because an LED emits a particular frequency, a smartphone app can detect a specific frequency and therefore determine the exact location of a customer.... read more


Chinese retailers pilot light-based technology for tap-and-go rewards

Mobile Commerce Daily

Several merchants in China are testing a new technology leveraging short-range light and a smartphone’s camera to securely enable tap-and-go loyalty program rewards. LFC readers from ByteLight are currently being rolled out to 100 retail locations in China for merchants such as Yummie House, Happy Lemon, Carrefour, Besyo and Golden Phoenix.... read more


ByteLight Shines in Launch of Indoor GPS Location Software


Boston-based ByteLight, a indoor GPS location software, launched Wednesday the Light Field Communication (LFC) reader that uses a lighting-based software, according to a company release. ... read more


ByteLight Reinvents Retail Check-ins and Checkouts with new Light Field Communication Standard

Press Release

ByteLight, the company revolutionizing indoor location, today launched a first of its kind Light Field Communication (LFC) reader using lighting-based software. LFC is a new, alternative standard to radio-based Near Field Communication (NFC), providing retailers a cost-effective, fast and secure way to verify a customer’s presence during tap-and-go check-ins and checkouts with any smartphone.... read more


ByteLight illuminates the mobile wallet using LED lights


Near-field communications hasn’t exactly taken off as a verification technology, so a Boston-based start-up is proposing we try an alternative: light-field communications. ByteLight on Wednesday announced the launch of its LFC reader, a terminal the size of a deck of playing cards that can communicate with your smartphone through visible light. ... read more


Shanghai Retailer Pilots Mobile Rewards Solution

Chain Store Age

Japanese retailer Yummie House is piloting a new mobile rewards solution at 10 stores in Shanghai, China. Yummie House is using a joint application from Appconomy and ByteLight that combines the cloud-based Appconomy Platform mobile marketing platform solution with ByteLight light field communication (LFC) technology.... read more


ByteLight Sheds More Light on In-Store Mobile Shopping

BIA Kelsey

A few months ago, we wrote about ByteLight, a Cambridge MA indoor positioning startup that’s pioneering the area of in-store lighting to communicate data to smartphones. It’s a novel take on retail customer engagement that goes beyond what others have done like Shopkick (sonar), Red Laser (barcode) and Google Wallet (NFC). Today the company announced it has taken this to a new level. In addition to the high-barrier retail lighting installs, its technology now also resides in a small box that can be placed at the point of sale. Known as Light Field Communication reader (LFC), it enables tap and go check-ins, payments, loyalty programs and other features.... read more


ByteLight Brings GPS-like Technology Indoors

Boston Globe

Imagine this: You step into a vast department store for a new blender and your smartphone leads you straight to the right aisle, and then lights up with a coupon for the KitchenAid model to your left. Then you quickly pay with a wave of your phone over a small, glowing box that serves as a checkout register, which automatically adds points to your rewards account.... read more


Retailers Use Mobile to Pinpoint You In-Store

Fox News

One example: a company called ByteLight makes software for the LED lights in a store. The lights transmit a unique signal that the camera in your phone can read. The store can then track your location within about 3 feet. (Bytelight is in an early pilot stage but the technology is in use at the Museum of Science in Boston.) ... read more


10 Videos that Offer a Glimpse at 10 Emerging Sectors

A Boston University spin-out called ByteLight is working on a kind of GPS that can guide you around large indoor spaces, and they have a pilot test already installed at the Museum of Science.... read more


6 ‘Microfencing’ Tools for Retailers

Street Fight Magazine

ByteLight utilizes LED lighting to power its indoor-location solution, allowing retailers to deliver targeted content — including deals, promotions, product information, reviews, and anything else they can dream up — based on their customers’ precise in-store locations. Because ByteLight is powered by its own LED lights with embedded microchips, retailers can use the technology without indoor WiFi or cell carrier signals. ... read more


The Next Frontier of Navigation: In-Location Positioning


ByteLight utilizes a patented technology which fits LED light bulbs with a microchip and harnesses existing lighting infrastructure to provide in-location positioning. Specifically, its special LED light bulb emits a signal that is picked up by the camera of your mobile phone and by a native app. In addition to positioning services, ByteLight’s technology enables branded location-based services, including push notifications with deals, promotions, product information, and reviews—opening a great opportunity for potential advertising revenue. ... read more


ByteLight Takes Home MITX Innovation Award


Over 50 finalists showed up to Monday night's MITX Innovation Awards, along with a crowd of marketers, startup companies and investors. And from those 50, judges selected winners, along with a crowd favorite. ... read more


Ten Things You Need to Know About Indoor Positioning

Directions Magazine

ByteLight sends flickering light patterns from its LED light fixtures. The receiver (a camera on a phone) reads the code and sends it to a server. On the server the code is compared to those a map. A match means the receiver is under a specific “light.” ... read more


ByteLight Selected to Join In-Location Alliance

Press Release

ByteLight, a provider of indoor location and positioning with light, today announced the company has been selected to join the founding members of the In-Location Alliance. ByteLight was appointed to the In-Location Alliance’s System Architecture Working Group and is responsible for leading development of standards and use cases for delivering hyper-targeted information and content to mobile users based on their precise location indoors.... read more


Shoppers, Look Up: The Store Is Winking At Your Phone

Fast Company

“Retailers have spent millions and millions of dollars on kiosks,” not to mention wireless infrastructure, says Dan Ryan, CEO of ByteLight. But his company is betting that the next-generation retail experience is through the mobile phone--with information delivered via hundreds of pulsing LED lights embedded in the ceiling of the store.... read more


Why the 'Series A crunch' is no big deal for Boston

Boston Business Journal

And many of the startups which raised seed funding last year appear to have some good momentum (check out recent posts on Leaf, Directr, ThriveHive, ByteLight and Fancred for a few examples).... read more


GPS Indoor Maps are Here: Never Get Lost In a Mall or Museum Again

Technology Guide

Startups like Wifarer, Meridian, Point Inside, and ByteLight are also exploring the realms of indoor mapping, with the latter using existing LED bulbs as location detectors. As the technology behind indoor mapping advances, so do the possibilities of innovative applications and solutions based on the software. ... read more


ByteLight Awarded Four New Indoor Positioning and Location Patents

Press Release

ByteLight, a provider of indoor location and positioning with light, today announced that the U.S. Patent Office recently awarded the following four patents to the company.... read more


Forget WiFiSlam — ByteLight uses LEDs for indoor positioning


ByteLight’s indoor location system works by controlling the pulses of LEDs so they work in a certain pattern. This pattern is not detectable to the human eye (it’s working in the range of a hundreds of hertz), but can be picked up by the camera in a smartphone or tablet. Using the data gleaned from the LED modulation, the device works with an app and performs client-side calculations to figure out where it is within the structure. WiFi isn’t needed so networking is not a problem, and the calculations are performed on the device, so everything happens quickly.... read more


Apple’s WifiSLAM acquisition brings the company indoors, but can it keep up with Google?

The Next Web

Various other emerging startups also exist in this space, including ByteLight, which raised $1.25 million last year to fund its LED-powered location system. The Wi-Fi-focused Aisle41/WiLocate, radio-based Qubulus and CMS-focused Meridian serve to further complicate this industry as potential competitors and acquisition targets.... read more


Look to the Patriots for scouting expertise

Boston Globe

With the National Football League’s draft ­approaching next month, you can bet that every team has carefully constructed its list of the most promising college players they hope to add to their rosters. What if Massachusetts devoted the same resources to scouting the next generation of entrepreneurs as NFL teams devote to finding their next great wide receiver? (The Patriots alone have 21 employees focused solely on identifying and cultivating future players.) Entrepreneurs, after all, can have a far bigger impact on the local economy than football stars, no matter how many seats they fill or jerseys they sell. ... read more


Seeing The Light: Location-based Tech Puts You On the Spot

Given the rather bleak landscape for indoor location awareness, imagine my excitement a year ago when we were approached by ByteLight, whose technology offered a potential model for affordable, flexible, sustainable, and accurate indoor location awareness technology. The general idea of the technology is easy to grasp: LED light bulbs allow for the transmission of light to be pulsed on and off faster than the human eye can see. By controlling the pulsing of light through an LED, we can send digital signals through the light beam itself, right to mobile devices, which receive the signals through front and back-facing cameras.... read more


How Google Glasses, Indoor Location, & Mobile Shopping Can Save Retail


Retail is changing. Roughly $3.7 trillion in annual U.S. spending is up for grabs.That’s a lot of money. Some technology theorists, including Marc Andreessen, believe the change will be revolutionary in nature—predicting the outright death of brick-and-mortar retail.... read more


More to Mobile Application Design than Meets the Eye


One such example, he said, is ByteLight, a mobile app that draws information from special LED light bulbs and provides indoor maps for users who need help navigating through a large mall or resort. With innovations like that, a company can deliver customer satisfaction in unanticipated ways, Miller said.... read more


Bright Ideas In Indoor Location Awareness From Bytelight


Outdoor location awareness, otherwise known as GPS, has become ubiquitous. It started out as a way for the U.S. military to have location awareness and then spread to the rest of the world, literally. Whereas in-car GPS navigation used to be a luxury, it has become commonplace and has spread to smartphones. ... read more


Dan Bricklin, Apperian, ByteLight Join Mobile Madness Lineup on March 19


Too many good people, too few slots. Such is the curse of Mobile Madness. Nevertheless we forge on. I’m pleased to announce a few more speakers for Mobile Madness 2013, our fifth annual mobile conference on March 19 at Microsoft NERD in Cambridge, MA. I hope to have the agenda finalized by next week.... read more


GPS Indoors: ByteLight’s Indoor Positioning System at Boston’s Museum of Science

Technology in the Arts

A positioning system using LED lights enabled with the capacity to broadcast location data in indoor spaces, in real time, and without WiFi or GPS. Little satellites, if you will.... read more


ByteLight Signs Solais Lighting as Inaugural Licensed Lighting Partner

Electrical News

ByteLight, a developer of indoor positioning solutions, announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Solais Lighting, the manufacturer of specification-grade LED lamps and fixtures, as its inaugural licensed lighting partner. ... read more


ByteLight brings GPS indoors


A Boston-based start-up called ByteLight has created indoor GPS technology, which can pinpoint your exact location within a building. ... read more


Bytelight Pinpoints Solais as Lighting Partner

Lighting Magazine

The US-based indoor-lighting positioning specialist Bytelight has signed a deal to allow LED luminaire manufacturer Solais to sell and manufacture Bytelight-enabled LED lamps.... read more


Meet ByteLight: Lightbulbs that Beam Info to a User's iPhone or Android Device. The Future? Yep.

Fast Company

"The lights use LED pulses, faster than the human eye can see, and each light has a unique signature. Any device with a front-facing camera can use (ByteLight), and it's faster and more accurate than Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or proprietary beacon products," says Don Dodge, a design advocate at Google who recently joined ByteLight as an advisor.... read more


The Problem with Kickstarter


Kickstarter helped pioneer crowdfunding for creative projects. It has been enormously successful. The Kickstarter model is to set a fundraising goal. If the project meets its goal, the money is transferred to the creators to fund the development of the project.... read more


Seed Deals for Startups Surge in Boston

Boston Business Journal

ByteLight, whose CEO and co-founder is Aaron Ganick, was among the Massachusetts companies that disclosed seed funding in the fourth quarter of 2012... read more


Flickering Lights to Guide You Indoors


Marc Check, the museum's director of information and interactive technology, says he is impressed with the pilot nevertheless - the museum is planning to expand the technology to an entire wing and multiple exhibits. Since the museum is already replacing existing lighting with LEDs, and going with ByteLight costs only a dollar or two more per bulb, this makes it cheaper than any equivalent Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or amplified GPS system, he says.... read more


ByteLight signs Solais Lighting as licensed lighting partner

LEDs Magazine

ByteLight has signed a partnership agreement with Solais Lighting as its inaugural licensed lighting partner. This means Solais Lighting is now licensed to manufacture and sell ByteLight-enabled LED lamps.... read more


ByteLight Shows Off LED-based Indoor Positioning Tech at Boston Museum

GPS Business News

Indoor Positioning start-up ByteLight announced last week the first public pilot of its LED-based technology at the Boston Museum of Science.... read more


How Location-Based Social Networks Are Changing the Game for Businesses


Combining mobile and location-based services, social tools such as Foursquare and Yelp have been changing the way customers interact with the physical location of a business. These services offer more information for consumers, helping them make more informed decisions on where to eat, sleep, shop and relax... read more


Startup Targets Shoppers With LED-Based Indoor Navigation System


The Museum of Science in Boston now features the first public pilot project of ByteLight, a startup that marries LED lighting with chips and software to pinpoint the visitors’ locations and promote interactive learning, the company announced Tuesday.... read more


ByteLight Solves Indoor GPS Mapping Problem With LED Lighting


Dan Ryan and Aaron Ganick, both Electrical Engineers, met at Boston University as undergrads. They became quick friends as they continued to bump into each other in class and around campus. Little did they know that a common childhood passion and a local science museum would play prominent roles in shaping their futures.... read more


Silicon Valley VCs predict 2013 trends: Space, robots, self-driving cars


“Indoor location will be bigger than GPS, which only works outdoors. We spend 90 percent of our time indoors, whether it’s in shopping malls, offices, schools, restaurants, and so on, where GPS doesn’t work or is inaccurate. In 2013, you’ll use your smartphone to find the exact store aisle location for every item on your shopping list... read more


Street Fight Daily: Foursquare Responds, Apple Exposes Passbook

Street Fight Magazine

Foursquare Responds to Facebook Nearby By Tapping Facebook’s Friend Graph (SearchEngineLand) Foursquare has made a quick response to Monday’s announcement of Facebook Nearby, with its own announcement today that Foursquare Explore is cranking up its personalization. It’s going to use Foursquare activity from a user’s Facebook friends to improve the recommendations in Explore... read more


ByteLight signs 1st LED firm for its indoor positioning tech

Boston Business Journal

Cambridge startup ByteLight, which has developed technology that turns LED lights into GPS-like indoor-positioning systems, on Wednesday said it has signed its first lighting partner, Stamford, Conn.-based Solais Lighting... read more


LED developer ByteLight inks partnership

Boston Herald

ByteLight, a Cambridge startup specializing in LED-based indoor positioning technology, said today it has signed a partnership agreement with Solais Lighting, a manufacturer of specification-grade LED lamps and fixtures, as its inaugural licensed lighting partner... read more


ByteLight partners with Solais Lighting to make LED-based positioning a reality

Pando Daily

I get lost in supermarkets. Not the existential “Oh my god, this consumer vortex is misdirecting me from my innate humanness and killing my soul,” second-year psych major kind of lost, though, more the “I have no idea where I am or where I am going,” imagine-sleeping-in-the-store kind of lost. It’s been a problem my entire life, but it seems there might be a light at the end of the cereal aisle... read more


ByteLight Signs Solais Lighting as Inaugural Licensed Lighting Partner

Press Release

ByteLight, a developer of market-leading indoor positioning solutions, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Solais Lighting, the leading manufacturer of specification-grade LED lamps and fixtures, as its inaugural licensed lighting partner. Solais Lighting is now licensed to manufacture and sell ByteLight-enabled LED lamps as both lighting and indoor positioning solutions to commercial and enterprise building owners, retail outlets and public spaces such as museums, convention centers and airports... read more


Mobile Search in the Age of Holiday Shopping Insanity

Search Engine Watch

As the holiday shopping season kicks off with record Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it's a good time to examine how retailers are equipped to handle the onslaught of shopping search activity. The short answer: Most aren't... read more


Finding the way inside

The Economist

Navigation technology: Using satellites to determine your position only works outside. A new approach is needed indoors... read more


Indoor map tech poses challenges, opportunities

USA Today

The blue dot marks your spot at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta... read more


Shining a Light: ByteLight Goes After ‘Holy Grail’ of Indoor LBS

Street Fight Magazine

Aaron Ganick, CEO and co-founder of Cambridge Mass-bassed ByteLight, is pretty excited. He and CTO Dan Ryan recently announced a raise of $1.25 million and feels he’s hot on the trail of location’s “holy grail” — indoor micro-location. But we’re not talking about old-school WiFi triangulation or some sort of GPS. This is much heavier — this is about light... read more


This Week in Location Based Marketing #100: Bytelight


This Week in Location Based Marketing #100: Bytelight, Klash and the Green Giant + special guest Erica McClenney of Expion from read more


Reinventing the Lightbulb: A Conversation with ByteLight

BIA Kelsey

I’ve spent some time over the past month talking with Cambridge MA based ByteLight in advance of its launch and $1.25 million funding announcement this week. The company has a novel advancement in the indoor positioning space we’ve been covering... read more


Will the future of shopping be guided by LED lights and smart phones?


Indoor mapping and location services will create a new world of advertising and social networking services, but no technologies have proven the winners yet. A Massachusetts startup has come up with an idea of combining digital lighting with smart phones to make that world a reality... read more


Like GPS, But Indoors: ByteLight Has Raised $1.25 Million for Indoor Positioning System


Imagine a GPS system precise enough to pinpoint exactly where you are inside of a particular building. It could know that you’re standing in front of a particular painting at an art museum, for instance. Or which panel you’re attending at a conference... read more


Start-Up Turns LED Into Indoor Location Beacons, Raised $1.25m in Funding

GPS Business News

Cambridge-based (Massachusetts) start-up ByteLight officially launched today with a technology that uses LED (light-emitting diode) as positioning beacons... read more


ByteLight Flips Switch, Raises Cash for Indoor Positioning Using LEDs


File this one under “game-changing, if it works.” And if it gets widely adopted... read more


The Daily Start-Up: ByteLight Seeded to Use LED Lights for Indoor Position Sensing

The Wall Street Journal

ByteLight has raised seed funding to use LED lights as indoor-positioning devices, in a bid to help merge people’s digital experience with their physical surroundings. The company, which raised a $1.25 million seed round led by VantagePoint Capital Partners over the past six months, says it’s developing new applications on top of digital lighting, in a move that fits developments across the clean-technology sector... read more


ByteLight gets funding to develop LED-based indoor positioning technology

LEDs Magazine

GPS-like system from startup ByteLight uses LEDs to transmit signals to smartphones in applications such as customer guidance in retail shopping applications... read more


ByteLight raises $1.25M, challenging Google’s indoor maps with an LED-powered location system

The Next Web

Emerging from stealth mode with $1.25 million in funding from VantagePoint Capital Partners and others, ByteLight has today announced a bold goal: to revolutionize indoor, GPS-like location services... read more


ByteLight raises $1.25M to launch 'GPS-like' tech indoors, via lighting

Boston Business Journal

Cambridge startup ByteLight on Tuesday emerged from stealth mode with $1.25 million in funding and a plan to commercialize technology which turns LED lights into "GPS-like" indoor-positioning systems.... read more


ByteLight Emerges from Stealth Mode with $1.25 Million in Funding for "GPS-like" Indoor Positioning System

Press Release

ByteLight, a provider of LED (light-emitting diode) based indoor positioning technology, today announced that it has received $1.25 million in funding from individual and institutional investors, led by VantagePoint Capital Partners. ByteLight will use the funding to build its team, deploy at pilot locations and expand its ecosystem of lighting partners. Using ByteLight's LED lighting-based indoor positioning solution, commercial and enterprise building owners, public safety officials, retail outlets and public spaces such as airports, museums and convention centers can target customized information, special offers and other data directly to users based on their precise location inside a building... read more


Lost at the Supermarket? Grocery App Will Light Your Way [VIDEO]


The grocery store will no longer be able to fool us by rearranging aisles, once a new indoor navigation smartphone app goes live. The app, called ByteLight, will direct you to the items you're looking for - presuming the store has added the cheap LED light bulbs it requires. Just point your smartphone at the lights, and they provide directions to items on your shopping list... read more


LED's Could Lead You Right To A Discount

MIT Technology Review

When you go to the grocery store, chances are you find yourself hunting for at least a couple of items on your list. Wouldn't it be easier if your smart phone could just give you turn-by-turn directions to that elusive can of tomato paste or bunch of cilantro, and maybe even offer you a discount on yogurt, too... read more


U-Launch Awards Over $80,000 in Funded Services to Cleantech Open Northeast Region Semifinalists

U-Launch / Fraunhofer CSE

U-Launch, a US Department of Energy-funded grant-based award program that provides funded services to promising clean energy start-ups, today announced the recipients of grant awards offered as part of the Cleantech Open Northeast business competition. The grants will be used to assist seven Boston-area companies in validating, developing and deploying innovative cleantech solutions... read more


Competitive Landscape: Indoor Positioning Technologies


ByteLight's is the most distinctive technology yet to appear in this market. It is likely to be the lowest-cost solution overall, since LED lights and phone cameras are very common - a point that will attract venue owners looking to pilot a service while keeping costs low... read more


Highland Announces Summer@HIGHLAND 2012 Teams

Highland Capital Partners Website

Highland Capital Partners, a venture capital firm focused on helping exceptional entrepreneurs build great companies, today announced the teams participating in the Summer@Highland 2011 program. In its fourth year, this innovative program provides selected university-affiliated startup founders and teams with the environment and resources for advancing their business initiatives... read more